Coronavirus Cleaning

In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, countries around the world have enforced a near-complete shutdown of businesses and varying degrees of social distancing. However, if you run an essential service or have a business that may be allowed to open up soon, you must protect your staff and clients from infection. To do that, you need NG Building Services LLC.

For years, we have been dedicated to serving the janitorial needs of commercial spaces throughout the region. We are proud to offer decontamination services to keep the essential services in our community running efficiently.

Do your part to slow the rate of infection by contacting NG Building Services LLC for disinfecting and sanitizing services now.

Responsive Coronavirus Cleaning

We are in a moment of crisis that shows no signs of letting up. It could be that for the next few years, we will have to be ready for another outbreak. Essential services and other businesses that are continuing operations during this time need a sanitizing service that is both responsive and fast-acting. That’s where we come in.

We provide the commercial community with the decontamination and sanitization services they need—when they need them. No wondering, no suspense, no waiting around. Just dependable services that are ready to act. Call us now to get a quote on coronavirus cleaning.

Why Choose Electrostatic Disinfecting Services?

Electrostatic spraying is a more effective and less costly alternative to traditional cleaning techniques. Using specialized, commercial-grade technology, we spray an electrostatic solution onto all surfaces and objects. The positively charged particles aggressively cling to whatever they land on. By evenly coating every surface with the sanitizing solution, electrostatic spraying will treat all germs and contaminants that it lands on.

Among the many benefits associated with electrostatic spraying, here are the four most important:

  • Slow the spread of coronavirus and other viruses with field-tested infection control
  • Quickly coat surfaces evenly and disinfect all exposed areas, including hard-to-reach places
  • Save money by reducing chemical waste through controlled application techniques
  • Preserve the health of your staff and clients and continue to provide the essential services you need to

Why Choose ULV Fogging Services?

ULV fogging is one of the best ways to decontaminate the air in your institutional or commercial property. Using a specially designed disinfectant, we will fill the interior space with a fog-like substance. In a matter of minutes, the air and every surface it touches will not only be sanitized, but it will also set up a lasting barrier against viruses and other contaminants.

This safe and cost-effective sanitization method acts fast so that you can return to the space in as little time as two hours. We advise that this service be performed at night, while your organization is closed. Perfect for treating viruses, mold, bacteria, and more, we strongly recommend ULV fogging to slow the spread of coronavirus on your property.

Disinfection Services Are Community Services

If you are operating a business or any public-facing organization, it’s your responsibility to reduce the spread of infection. Our job is to make that possible.

Let’s work together to protect ourselves and one another. Call now.